North Georgia Quarter Midget Association
Bill Thomas Raceway - Cumming, Georgia


                                                DEBBIE HAMMONDS AT


Race ready - Jr Novice - Honda 120
Helmet, suit, gloves and shoes

Contact:  Neal Halder @ 770-331-1774

76" Eagle Chassis Quarter Midget Built for Smaller Drivers

Eagle Chassis Racecar set up to run Jr. Novice/Rookie. Car is easy to handle and is a perfect car to learn how to race in. Car turns towards the bottom of the track and away from the wall making mistakes much more forgiving for younger, less experienced drivers. Very quick racecar.

Comes with:
-Gx120 Honda R Motorworks Engine
-Mychron 3 (for tracking lap times and telemetry)
-Spare front axle 
-scissor pit cart (can be upgraded to pit cart with built-on stainless steel toolbox for an extra $800-1000)
-Extra tires and rims 
-Additional spare parts and information available with purchase of car (more than happy to give you the ins and outs of quarter midget racing, setups, and other tips)
Please contact Troy Tompkins at or call at 678-687-4451

Medium Storm Chassis Quarter Midget Built for the 2013 Eastern Grands

Medium Storm Chassis built for the 2013 Eastern Grands. All parts have very few races on them and are in great shape. Very fast, great handling racecar. In line with both USAC and QMA specs. 

Comes with:
-Medium Storm Chassis - $1,500 
-New Gloss Black Powder Coat - No Scratches - $450 
-New Matte Black Aluminum Body - Enhanced to Increase knee Clearence & Taller Streamlined Rightside Panel (Note: This has allowed us to maintain a Shorter Wheelbase Car, Car Body is within Spec's for QMA and USAC) - $250 
-New Complete Set of Ceramic Bearings - Front and Rear Axles - $650 
-New Right Front Spindle - $36 
-New Left Front Spindle - $36 
-New Front Axle - $125 
-New Aluminum Rear Axle (Gun Drilled) - $65 
-New Aluminum Rear Bearing Carrier (Right Rear - Zero Error) - $135 
-New Aluminum Rear Bearing Carrier (Right Rear - Zero Error) - $135 
-New Front Bumper - $55 
-New Rear Bumper - $68 
-New Right Side Nerf Bars - $70 
-New Left Side Nerf Bars - $70 
-New LF Radius Rods (2) - $20 
-New RF Radius Rods (2) - $20 
-New LR Radius Rods (2) - $20 
-New RR Radius Rods (2) - $20 
-New Black Dzus Bolts (25) - $20 
-New Fuel Tank, Line + Fuel Filter - $86 
-New Impact Racing Belts - $86 
-Fresh R Motorworks GX120 (rebuilt w/ 4 races on it) - $850 
-Mychron 4 - $429 
-Custom Built Aluminum Go Pro Mount - $25 
-Newly Rebuilt Tanner Generation 4 Shocks upgrade to Tanner Generation 5 (Vision Pistons) (4) - $540 
-Right Front Wheel - New - $7 
-Left Rear Wheel - New - $7 
-Right Rear Wheel - New - $7 
-Right Front Wheel New - $7 
-New Aluminum Pedals (Brake and Throttle Pedals) - $140 
-Padded Driver Seat + Head Rest - $50 
-New Sliding Engine Mount with 1-2˚ (2 bolts to loosen and adjust engine) - $110 
-7/8" Exhaust Pipe - $70 
-Fiberglass Tail Cone - $73 
-Standard Pit Cart
-**Additional 800-1200 for Stainless Steel Pit Box upgrade**

Spares and Extras Included in Price:
Body Templates - Short Included 
Body Template - Tall Included 
Note: The Storms have an all Aluminum Body that is very easy to Reproduce (I have always build my own) 

Please contact Troy Tompkins at or call at 678-687-4451

Storm Chassis Quarter Midget w/ 120 or 160 engine

Storm Chassis Quarter Midget Racecar ready to race with either a Honda 120 or 160 engine. Titanium axle in racecar for added strength and durability. Ceramic bearings allow for quicker lap times and a smoother handling racecar. 

Comes with: 
-Gx120 or 160 Honda R Motorworks Engine 
-Mychron 4
-Spare front axle 
-pit cart (can be upgraded to pit cart with built-on stainless steel toolbox for an extra $800-1200) 
-Extra tires and rims 
-Additional spare parts and information available with purchase of car
-More parts needing to be sold alongside or independent from the car. Include extra axles (both front and rear, titanium and aluminum), gears (plenty of engine and axle gears), radius rods, shocks, springs, bumpers, nerf bars, and many others! Pictures and additional information available upon request.

Please contact Troy Tompkins at or 678-687-4451




CALL RAY HEIM @ 404-992-8304


For Sale Austin Kimbarl’s 2011 Talon Medium Chassis, This Car has Many Wins and Championships to its Credit.  Advance Shocks, comes with extra nerf Bars and Body, complete minus engine and mychron $2,500.00

Also for sale one very Strong Thailand  Ut1160 built by Bandit Engines $750.00 many wins on this engine.

Flash Ut2 160 new never raced ,showed good numbers on the dyno, could  pick up some more under new rules. $700.00

Both of these engines are built under 2013 rules so some updates could pick up both.

Please Call Eric Kimbarl 678-770-3973


FOR SALE - RICE XR4 DASH 1 (smaller car)

Complete sell out, Custom body and paint, upgraded, custom shock mounts, advanced coil over shocks, brand new Rice body never used ready for paint, Extra wheels, rods, rod ends. Custom seat belt location for driver comfort. Complete series of engine and axle gears. Tire mounting tools, tire mounting can, alignment bar, set up table. Adjustable tire rack for trailer, Engine and radius rod shelf for trailer, holds three engines. Gear racks that holds all your gears and mounts to trailer wall. Fresh honda 120 and fresh honda 160 engines. Fire suit/gloves and collar. This is the last of my Rice cars that I have for sale and is by far our best car we have owned. Very fast and a proven winner. It is the black car in the picture. I'm open to offers as I need the room for micros. I have great shipping rates and can ship anywhere in the country. Call Daryl at 530-613-9630

Quick release steering, Advance shocks, Micron 4, Pit cart. Your choice of engine-Animal,  Sr. Honda,  Lt. 160, or without. 
Roller- $2, 800.00
With engine- $3, 400.00 to $3, 700.00
Contact Kevin Buckley @ 678-776-3751

FOR SALE - 2005 STANLEY 78" - LT. 160

Less than 40 laps on right side wheels and tires.  Only 5 races on USAC built 160 engine by Flash. 
Quick release steering, Advance shocks, Micron 3. Pit cart, extra body panels.
Ready to race $3, 000.00 firm - Contact Kevin Buckley @ 678-776-3751


Less than 40 laps on right side wheels and tires.  Only 3 races on a new Flash USAC engine. 
Quick release steering, Advance shocks, Micron 3. Pit cart, extra body panels
Ready to race just needs a driver.
$3, 000.00 firm - Contact Kevin Buckley at 678-776-3751

2-76" Stanley's blue frame/black both have splined axles.
1-78" Stanley silver frame/red body
1-80" Stanley black frame/carbon fiber body short cage
2-80" Stanley's both red frames, one silver body the other
         is gold. Both cars have had the steering shaft bar
         raised. These cars were raced in the half class.
Cars could be sold as rollers or with choice of motors:  120,160,World Formula,or Half motor.
Also have a 6x12 enclosed trailer.
Call for price(depends on with or without motor).
Jody Tallant (770)833-8663


- 77" Storm - Roller $1250   -  78" Nervo - Roller $1250
We have numerous tools that can be sold with purchase of car. (Electric scales, Camber / Caster gauge, Alignment bar, Tire Breaker, Nitrogen tan, Tire racks, Tanner shocks with shims, etc).  If interested, please email: 
Diane Metzger @


FOR SALE:     $1,750 FOR ALL 

 1900 Nervo with pit cart, extra springs, extra practice tires and new seat belts.  Pedals currently set up for a small child.  Can deliver to Clemson SC area.  Some other parts are available.

Please contact:
David Rochester, Nashville TN
615-444-4574 (office)
615-491-7327 (cell)

For Sale 

Two (2) 08 35" NC Grizzlys
120 or 160 motor, Tanner shocks, Full interior, Pit carts, Animal motor also available.
Contact Don Mitchell at or 813-967-4515.

For Sale

*NEW PRICE* - $2,000 Record Setting Talon, 160 motor, 120 motor, and all spare parts included.
  This Talon was Nicholas Wilt's Light Mod and had track records at North Georgia, North Carolina, Metro Atlanta, Alabama and others around the country.  $2000 for car, cart and either a strong 120 apple kart engine or like new 160.  All of our spare parts are included and we will help you set it up for NGQMA.  Please call Bob Swank 404-259-2943.

For Sale

Nervo Grizzly 37in. 2012 Buckwalter Racing 120 Motor. Cover. Cart and extras included. Micron, QA shocks. Very Clean. Asking $3,000. New Smyrna Beach, FL.  Call Dan. 386-233-5588.

For Sale ***** PRICE REDUCED TO $1800 *****

76" Lightning Quarter Midget with pit cart. Dirks 120cc motor. Ultra Shield Racing Seat. Have interior upholstery, full set of extra radius rods, nerf bars and bumper, extra tires and wheels. Safety equipment included: G-Force Racing equipment bag, G-Force Fire Retardant suite - child small, G-Force helmet w/bag - x-small, G-Force helmet support, Matman shoes - childs size 13, G-Force race gloves - childs medium, M&R arm restraints, Safety Solutions D-Cell Harness.
This car is in great condition!  Call Jim (706) 344-7491 or email

Medium Talon, w/ honda 120

 Track champion car MAQMA Heavy Honda, very fast and reliable car, Advance shocks, Mychron 4 , pit cart, 7,000.00 invested in car .$3500.00 call Steve Downard 678-414-3012